Whiskey Tears

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Whiskey Tears
Starring Versifier and Meisha Johnson Produced by Online Directed by Dan Delano
Whiskey Tears Whiskey Tears Whiskey Tears

Written and Performed by Versifier

Produced by Online

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Big Jess

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Dan Delano

Screenplay by Versifier and Dan Delano

Starring Versifier and Meisha Johnson

Photography by Dan Delano

Graphic Design by NiiBox

Executive Producer: Versifier

Versifier - versifier.manifesters.com

Dan Delano - www.vimeo.com/20763085

Meisha Johnson - www.meishapj.com

Online - www.experiencesleddogs.com

Big Jess - www.unknownprophets.com

© 2011 by Versifier. All Rights Reserved By Law.